After an indictment resulting from allegations that former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky had been caught molesting at least 8 young boys on campus came to a head, Penn State wasted no time, removing president Graham Spanier as well as head coach Joe Paterno. In the wake of the November events, the Penn State campus is still reeling, with students rioting and opposing opinions abounding. However, these occurrences may just be the first in a wave of events to come. is pulling its advertising from some upcoming Penn State football game airings. According to USA Today, the automotive sponsor is dropping out of Penn State game sponsorship only. Currently, the advertising has pulled out of Saturday’s 12 p.m. ET airing of Penn State against Nebraska. advertisements will not appear during next week’s Penn State versus Ohio State game, as well. According to spokesman Ron Hall, the company will drop its advertisements in light of negative associations with the University. will continue to advertise during other ESPN College Football games.
“Due to the recent allegations surrounding the Penn State Football program, has decided to withdraw from this weekend's sponsorship of the Nebraska at Penn State game on Saturday, November 12 at 12:00 PM. As a proud, longtime supporter of ESPN College Football, it's important to us that we're building our brand and raising the visibility of our advertisers in a way that celebrates the sport, the dedication of its student athletes and the many reputable universities that field teams. We will still be sponsoring a game this weekend.”’s decision falls under a pretty dicey gray area. I understand why a company would not wish to advertise after something as strenuous as the Sandusky scandal comes out. However, while the football team is affiliated with Penn State, it’s still kind of a slap in the face to pull advertising from the team, especially if you will continue to air commercials during other games over the weekend – as is the case with At the end of the day, advertisers have pulled out for lesser reasons. Penn State just needs to keep kicking ass and taking names and the players should come out on top with advertisers.

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