The Cartoon Network's Green Lantern: The Animated Series Teaser

Hm. I'm pretty sure somebody thought this would be great timing. And it makes sense, you're about to launch your new television series, so why not piggy-back on the blockbuster film of the same property? Well...let's just say the live-action Green Lantern flick isn't exactly tearing up the box office or making any critics' top-ten lists. This is rather unfortunate for the people trying to market the Cartoon Network's new show, Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Although I found the film fairly fun (surely not worthy of the vicious vitriol it sparked in some critics), I hope the bad reviews don't have a negative effect on what could otherwise be another great Bruce Timm animated adaptation of the DC universe (All-Star Superman and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights are his two most recent gems). The new series is only teased in the following video, but it looks like they rely heavily on computer-generated animation instead of the hand-drawn look of Emerald Knights. Either way, I'm in.

Trailer via The Cartoon Network.