Cary Elwes To Guest Star In Leverage's Season 5 Premiere

TNT’s drama series Leverage is set to return for its fifth season this summer, and with it comes a guest appearance by Cary Elwes, who is set to play a character who is described as “a modern day Howard Hughes.”

Leverage stars Timothy Hutton and follows a team of people from various backgrounds who work together to fight corporate injustice on behalf of victimized clients. Their villain-conning pursuits are kind of Robin Hood-ish, which only makes Elwes’ guest appearance all the more fitting. According to Entertainment Weekly, the Robin Hood: Men in Tights star will appear in Season 5 premiere, playing Scott Roemer, the owner of Global Transit Airlines.

The team cons the unscrupulous Roemer into thinking he has a chance to steal Hugh’s famous Spruce Goose, but after he seemingly takes the bait, he comes to realize all is not as it seems.

Leverage won’t be his first foray into cable television. He’s made a number of appearances in USA’s Psych, one of which was as recent as last month. While some of Elwes’ more notable roles (Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Princess Bride) have him playing the hero, it’s not difficult to picture him as this type of villain. He wasn’t exactly the most upstanding gentleman in Hot Shots! or Twister.

Kelly West
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