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If you want to get the attention of many sci-fi and fantasy geeks everywhere (me included) all you have to do is mention Firefly. The 2002 FOX show was only on the air for eleven episodes, but their fan base is devoted. The mere mention of the actors from the show getting together on screen again is enough to send those fans (we call ourselves Browncoats) into quite the tizzy. After hearing word, a month ago, that another Firefly vet, Summer Glau, would be making the trip to visit former co-star Nathan Fillion on his ABC show Castle, we can finally have a gander at what her character will look like.

This tweet, which appeared on the feed of TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, gives all the Castle and Firefly fans a good look into the March 7 episode, where Summer Glau will appear.

In the episode, titled “The G.D.S.,” Nathan Fillion’s Richard Castle travels to Los Angeles to solve an intriguing murder, and ends up competing with Summer Glau’s Kendall Frost to crack the case. Frost is a private detective and member of the secretive Greatest Detective Society (GDS). And, wow, is that photo ever moody. Look at all that warm, mysterious lighting adding burnt umber highlights to everything. It’s a sexy shot. And look at that background. I think I can spy a giant globe behind Glau, and…I don’t know, a well lit underground lair of some sort.

And, look at Summer Glau’s character. She’s seated in this luxurious (and probably ergonomically correct) black leather chair, for which I’m sure no expense has been spared. She, for that matter, looks like someone to be reckoned with, that’s for sure. Clad in all black, Frost wears leather herself, a simple t-shirt and a long pendant necklace, which I’m going to guess right now is an emblem of the society and gets you in the door.

It’s no surprise, really, that Castle is trying to work some Firefly magic in its eighth season. The romantic detective procedural is starting to show signs of age, with the ratings falling and the showrunners freely admitting that the last episode of this season has been crafted so that it would work as a series finale as well. The hope of getting a bit of a ratings boost by adding an enigmatic detective agency (which would be perfect for its own show) and a former Firefly actor sounds like good planning to me.

Well, all we have to do now is wait for March 7 and see how this episode of the long-running show shapes up. Let’s all hope it’s as cool as it appears to be from that awesome photo.