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CeeLo Green Really Wants To Return To The Voice

Singer CeeLo Green has been embroiled in his share of controversy over the past couple of years related to a date rape scandal and some comments he later made on social media. Now that news has died down, Green is looking to make a comeback to the show that helped him gain so much ground in the public eye. He recently revealed that he would really like to return to The Voice again. Here's what he had to say:

I've talked very possibly about doing The Voice again. So I just kind of put that out there, wishful thinking, kind of willing it. Because I would love to do it again.

In an interview with The AP, the former reality show star is looking to get back to the show (and recording as well), to reestablish himself within the music community. It's a hope that has also led to the singer apologizing for his behavior during a time when he came under fire for some seriously suspect behavior.

CeeLo Green was a popular and rather flamboyant coach/judge on the NBC singing competition show from the beginning of the series in 2011. But, an incident after a dinner in 2012 led to some trouble for him. The singer left the show (probably after being prompted to do so by the producers) after being charged, in October of 2013, with a felony count of giving ecstasy to a woman while taking her out for the night. He was very nearly charged with rape as well, but prosecutors rejected that charge.

CeeLo Green eventually pleaded no contest to the felony charge and was sentenced to probation and community service. His tenure at The Voice ended in early 2014. During all this, Green also made the extremely poor decision to take to Twitter, that beacon of inappropriate comments, and tell everyone that if you’re unconscious during sex, you automatically give your consent during the act. The tweets were quickly taken down and he tweeted out a not-apology apology.

It’s not shocking that CeeLo Green wants back on The Voice. What better way to show that you’re safe but to show up as someone who guides young musicians on one of America’s longest running singing talent shows? He would be fighting for a spot against the popular hosts he joined the show with, especially Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, who have kept up successful recording careers while doing the show. And he would be battling against the hosts who have replaced him in a pretty constant rotation, Usher and Pharrell Williams. But beyond the issue of finding him a spot, he probably screwed the pooch, here, with his former actions.

Apologies, hope and the end of your probation/community service will not automatically make this return to TV happen. CeeLo needs to be prepared to spend a little more time away from those rotating chairs, but, the slowly falling ratings of The Voice do make it possible. Maybe the producers will figure they need a smidge of controversy to keep this singing ship afloat.

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