The Voice Channels Mad Max With New Trailer

Singing competitions have taken up a sizeable chunk of the reality TV programming schedule for a while now, but the dust has started to settle. So what’s the best way to bring people back into the fold? Join the march and make everything weird and post-apocalyptic! That’s how The Voice decided to handle things for their Super Bowl commercial, where they went full-on Mad Max.

Welcome, to another edition of Thunderdome The Voice! While it would have been more enjoyable for me to see just another Mad Max: Fury Road trailer in this slot, it was a nice touch to watch these judges embrace their…futuristic ruthless warrior sides. And of course they ended it right before the best part, when they all conk heads and fell back down to the ground.

This ad sets up a dangerous precedent, though, as this over-the-top brand of entertainment is now how I both want to see The Voice end up, and where it might go if they really swing for the fences one year. No seats for the studio audience; just some metal bars to hang onto. Almost every contestant leads to a brawl between at least two judges. The later picks would likely be made while people were injured and not thinking clearly. It could really change the way the show goes. Someone should look into the logistics of concussion lawsuits and things.

And now entering the arena to take on Max Rockatansky: Aguilericas Tincan.


Next up, Killer N.E.R.D.


Taking to the air now is Fellow Countryman.


And finally, we have Adam “Nickname TBA” Levine, whose costume is pretty much “dirt smudges on face.”


It doesn’t even seem like The Voice’s last season finished all that long ago, and already they’re back, and with another judge change. Though this time, they went back to a seasoned vet, as Christina Aguilera returned to take the spot that Gwen Stefani took last season. Pharrell is back, though, as are Blake Shelton and Adam “Still Waiting on That Nickname” Levine.

The Voice will return to NBC on Monday, February 23. Until then, check out another great Super Bowl commercial here, or one of the badass trailers that came out today.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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