A few months ago, NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice was reportedly planning an All-Stars season for midseason. At the time, it even seemed as if former winners might get the chance to compete in the prestigious competition. Now, Celebrity Apprentice producers have confirmed the 6th installment of the series will be an All-Stars event. However, instead of competing, the former winners will take on a very different role.

Arsenio Hall, Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, and John Rich will all be returning to Celebrity Apprentice to fill in during some of the boardroom sessions as advisors. According to EW, the four winners will not be appearing in every episode and will only take the spots of Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka when they are off doing other tasks for their famous father. I really hope the addition of Hall, Morgan Rivers, and Rich won’t force out Trumps’ good old advisor George Ross, who usually makes an appearance once or twice during the season.

As I noted prior, the 6th Celebrity Apprentice cycle will be starting at midseason, but there are only four winners set to appear in the boardroom. EW also nabbed the scoop on Brett Michaels, who will not be a part of the boardroom in the upcoming season, but will be filling in a different and currently more mysterious role on the show. I'm guessing he's either back for the competition, or he will be the guy who will grill the final few contestants and make his recommendations to Trump.

Currently, NBC has not finalized the roster for the season, but I’m really hoping Clay Aiken will commit to return. He was seriously robbed of last season's win and, of all the potential contestants, I think he most deserves a second shot.

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