Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Contestants Announced

The list of some, if not all of the contestants for the next season of Celebrity Apprentice may have been floating around since the fall, however NBC made the official announcement and we have the full roster of famous (and a few lesser known but still notable) contestants here, as well as a video that features some of them talking about being on the show and who they trust.

George Takei, Victoria Gotti, Arsenio Hall, Dee Snyder, Lou Ferrigno, and Debbie Gibson are among the names on the list of celebrities set to compete in the fifth season of Celebrity Apprentice. While the the regular Apprentice features contestants who have either professional or business backgrounds competing in New York in various business-related challenges in an effort to win Donald Trump’s approval, Celebrity Apprentice does the same, except the contestants are celebrities, they’re playing for charity, and in many cases, they use their fame or notoriety to assist them in their challenges and bring in money for their charities. We’ve seen the game reveal some interesting things about contestants in the past (mainly, how well they work in a team situation).

Below are two lists of contestants, which are broken down into two teams by gender as they may very well be when the season begins.

The Men:

Arsenio Hall

Clay Aiken

Adam Carolla

Lou Ferrigno

Penn Jillette

Dee Snider

George Takei

Michael Andretti

Paul Teutul, Sr.

The Women

Cheryl Tiegs

Debbie Gibson

Tia Carrere

Victoria Gotti

Lisa Lampanelli

Dayana Mendoza

Aubrey O’Day

Patricia Velásquez

Teresa Giudice

NBC already has bios set up for each of them on their website.

And here’s a video NBC released featuring Donald Trump and some of the contestants as they talk about the game. This includes a moment between Dee Snyder and Lou Ferrigno.

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