After weeks of challenges, thousands of dollars or more raised and a fair amount of drama, the fifth Celebrity Apprentice season drew to a close tonight as Donald Trump declared one man the winner. Would we call the results an upset? I don't know about that, as the winning contestant is certainly one of the more likable contestants of the season. But I really can't say I saw it coming.

A couple of weeks ago, I would have put money down that this season of Celebrity Apprentice was going to come down to Clay and Aubrey. Clay has played well all season and Aubrey's aggressive approach hadn't gone unnoticed by Donald Trump. But I was wrong when I predicted that Clay Aiken had this season in the bag going into tonight's finale, so it's a good thing I'm not a betting kind of woman or I would've been out some serious money this season.

Tonight's two-hour finale took us through the final challenge, which wasn't nearly as exciting or dramatic as some of the previous challenges we'd gotten to see. When things left off last week, it seemed like Arsenio was stuck with a bizarre video of Magic Johnson facing sideways (I still don't understand how anyone thought that having Magic facing sideways was what they were being asked to deliver), and Clay was having difficulties with Debbie Gibson over a mural that seemed like a very minor detail in the grand scheme of the whole task. Tonight, that drama seemed to be resolved and from what we were shown of Arsenio's video, they got some footage of Magic facing forward.

All of the returning contestants seemed to be in good spirits as they returned for the finale and laughed at the footage shown, which included a montage of Lou Ferrigno saying 110% a lot, and Lisa's many swearing tirades. Aubrey delivered a sort of prepared speech about how she behaved, which included mentioning not wanting anyone to feel bad. It felt rehearsed but came off as gracious, and on a semi-related note, I think I like the blond much better than the red. Tension seemed somewhat minimal though over all, at least by comparison to what we'd seen between the contestants over the course of the season, and in the end, it was impossible to tell which way Donald was leaning. In fact, he seemed happy with both Clay and Arsenio, so it wasn't really all that clear to me why he went with Arsenio, other than maybe because he was undefeated.

Over all, it was a just-ok end to a solid season. Aubrey at the table in the final two might have made for a more tension-filled and exciting finale, but that's not how it played out. It came down to Clay and Arsenio, and Donald went with Arsenio for the win. I would have gone with Clay, given how he performed all season, but once again he came in second. With that said, as a fan of Arsenio, it's difficult to be disappointed by the outcome of the season in general.

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