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Channing Tatum Hosts SNL, Kristen Wiig Spoofs Lana Del Rey

Channing Tatum hosted last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, and while the episode probably doesn’t rank near the top of the series’ 37th season, it definitely had it’s moments and The Vow star seemed up for putting himself out there for the sake of getting a laugh. This included a bit of sexy dancing during his opening monologue and more stripper-humor during a later sketch.

?The high point of the episode actually had little to do with Tatum. Anyone familiar with PBS Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey likely appreciated SNL’s play on the series by showing what a Spike TV ad for the show might look like, which involved a condensed narration of the characters and the plot, which included Maggie Smith’s character being referred to as the “chicken lady” on account of her occasionally feathery decor. Unfortunately, NBC seems to have withheld this gem of a sketch, so you won’t find it below.

What is worth a look is the opening monologue, the Sci-Fi Movie Cold Open (mainly because Bill Hader does a great Reagan-bot impersonation), and “Secret Word.” There’s also a great bit during “Weekend Update” when Kristen Wiig spoofs Lana Del Rey and actually seems to poke as much, if not more fun at SNL as she does the artist who was critiqued fairly brutally by critics and celebrity tweeters a few weeks back.


?Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. Et on NBC.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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