Charlie Day Might Join Game Of Thrones

We all know that Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series on TV right now, and its mystical fantasy world makes it something of a perfect place for unexpected cameos and guest stars that you might not see on a normal network drama. Case in point: Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are possibly trying to find a way to get It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actors Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney onto their show at some point in the future. Maybe Daenerys will need some Dragon Mittens?

Benioff and Weiss were stopped by TMZ and asked about what kinds of guest stars they want to bring to Westeros. Here’s what Benioff said.

Of course, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny. They want to, and we’re trying to figure out how to make it happen.

It might sound like the strangest thing in the world to consider one or more Game of Thrones episodes featuring these two modern comedy icons – I even consider Mac and Fat Mac as two distinctly iconic presences – but it makes a bit of sense. As fans of the show, Benioff and Weiss actually wrote the Season 9 episode of It’s Always Sunny called “Flowers for Charlie,” in which Charlie takes part in an experiment where he’s given a pill that seemingly makes him extremely smart, something that no one is used to seeing. Even at less than two years old, it’s a classic episode of the series, and perfectly captures the show’s sensibilities.

Here’s what Day said about the episode to THR at the time.

I guess we’ll have to do a Game of Thrones; we’ll see.

He was probably joking then, but apparently that thought hasn’t left the minds of Benioff and Weiss if they’re so quick to bring it up. How great would it be to see McElhenney all beefed up and getting into a sword fight, or to see Day caught up in the middle of a massive orgy? The only problem with this is the disappointment that would come with not seeing Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, Danny DeVito and the rest of the It’s Always Sunny characters showing up to ruin things. Gah, seeing DeVito on Game of Thrones wasn’t on my bucket list before, but that’s all changing now.

You can check out the TMZ interview below, in which Benioff and Weiss also talk about getting Forrest Griffin and other Ultimate Fighter friends on the show. (Fingers crossed for that, too.)

Let’s start a petition to get the McPoyle siblings to go sit on The Wall, shall we?

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