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She may be an Amazonian princess and an important member of the Justice League of America, but that doesn't mean she's super enough to make a fall TV schedule. Yes, as we are all aware by now, NBC has passed on the new network TV version of Wonder Woman from David E. "Ally McBeal" Kelley.

To quickly throw my two cents in, I was whole-heartedly against this idea right from the announcement that Diana Prince would be relegated to the small screen. I'm waiting for SOMEONE to finally pull off a female-led comic book film and not immediately assume that they need to try their hand at TV first. Especially with one of the few female superheroes big enough to possibly draw audiences to theaters (someone call Matthew Vaughn). My preferred lead: Rosario Dawson.

Enough of my wishful thinking, let's get to what we're really for: checking out the costume that will never see the glow of a TV screen. Thankfully, Twitter has come to the rescue. Here you have it, the booty-shorted version of the WW costume that you were never going to see. Props to BleedingCool for catching it. Enjoy.

You can see Wonder Woman on...oh, right.