Amazon is looking to classic 80’s comedy Cheers for the star of one of its first attempts at original programming. Bebe Neuwirth has reportedly been tapped to star in the pilot for Browsers, and word is she isn’t the only 80’s sitcom star who has been approached by the online retail giant turned streaming service.

Deadline says that Neuwirth is set to star in the project that is said to be a musical comedy, which makes Neuwirth an excellent choice considering she’s a Tony-winning Broadway star. The plot follows for young people beginning their careers working for a news website in present-day Manhattan, with Neuwirth in the role of their boss. The pilot is being penned by The Daily Show writer David Javerbaum and directed by 30 Rock’s Don Scardino. Amazon may be a rookie in the original comedy business, but the people they’re bringing on board certainly are far from it.

It sounds like Neuwirth could be just the first former 80’s comedy star to be cast. Rumor has it that among the other big names who have been approached for a pilot role are Roseanne’s John Goodman and Frasier’s David Hyde Pierce. It looks like Amazon’s strategy will be to throw out some big names from shows that will bring a feeling of nostalgia to those of us who remember them well. Not a bad way to make an entry into a crowded and difficult market, and it has worked pretty well for TV Land with their original programming. Still, as the newcomer to the game, Amazon will need more than names to make their mark.

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