The X Factor has gone through some major lineup changes in its two seasons on Fox. British X Factor judge Cheryl Cole signed on as a judge and was fired after sitting in on a few of the audition sessions. In the interim, her position on the British The X Factor was filled, leaving her up the creek without a paddle. Now, she would really like a little retribution, and to do so, she’s suing the company that produces Fox’s hit singing competition series, Blue Orbit Productions.

Deadline broke the news on Friday, noting that Cole is suing for $2.3 million, saying the production company signed her for a two-year contract, and only paid her for a year. While she did earn $1.8 million for doing virtually no work, if she did sign an additional year-long contract, the production company may be forced to shell out the rest of the money they owe her for salary and living expenses. It’s just going to depend on some good wording from the lawyers and the way the contract was written up.

I’m a little surprised the lawsuit only came up on Friday. Cole’s had roughly a year to simmer over the events leading to her removal from the judges panel, allegedly due to her thick accent. It’s also a little weird that Cheryl Cole is showing such animosity about the events, now, when she was so magnanimous last year, later taking a role on Fox’s Glee. I guess the love for Fox doesn’t extend to The X Factor, and really, if she thinks she can win $2.3 million, that sum was probably too much to pass up.

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