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Following up on a pretty excellent performance in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, Austrian actor Christoph Waltz hosted last night's episode of Saturday Night Live. Among the more memorable sketches in the episode, a Django spoof that focuses on Djesus H. Christ (the H is silent) and another about a creepy coworker whose secret admirer love letter doesn't go over so well. Check out the highlight videos ahead, as well as the musical performances by Alabama Shakes.

Better known for his drama performances, Christoph Waltz showed off his sense of humor in the episode, beginning with the opening monologue, in which he addresses his nationality and the fact that he's the first German-speaking host in the history of the show.

Following up on Django Unchained is Djesus Uncrossed, which takes The Passion of the Christ to an even more violent level… somehow.

Waltz stepped in to play the more awkward Jamarcus brother for a sexy new CD…

And he played up his unintentionally creepy side in this sketch, which has his crush misinterpreting his poorly worded love letter…

Among the Weekend Update highlights, a "Russian" woman Olya Povlatsky spoke with Seth Meyer about what's going on in her life.

And here we have Fred Armisen playing a woman, which isn't new territory for him, between SNL and Portlandia, but he manages to get some laughs (including among his co-stars) as Regine, the smoking, opinionated and bizarrely physical date to Christoph Waltz.

Here are the musical performances by Alabama Shakes:

And for those who want to watch the whole episode straight through, starting with the Carnival Cruise sketch, here it is: