Cinemax has been trying to establish itself as a source of more than just movies and soft-core porn. Last year they picked up the second season of British series Strike Back, an explosive, action-packed series that plays out like 24 with a wry sense of humor and generous amounts of naked people. It looks like they're sticking to that formula with Transporter, a new TV series based on Luc Besson's high-octane movie franchise. Does the show have what it takes to bring Cinemax more eyeballs? A trailer for the series has popped up online, and it looks like the show has the potential to be fun.

Transporter seems to be of the opinion that, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." The films already fall right into the sweet spot Cinemax seems to be trying to establish as its "brand." Fast-paced action? Check. Gorgeous women? Check. Chances that said gorgeous ladies will be taking their clothes off during any given episode? Checkity check check check. The biggest question at this point: whether series star Chris Vance (Prison Break) has what it takes to fill Jason Statham's stylish shoes. Whatever you think of the movies, there's no question that Statham is good at what he does, so Vance might have his work cut out for him to win over fans of the films.

As with the Transporter movies, the series focuses on Frank Martin, a freelance driver for hire, a guy you enlist when you need something to go from A to B, regardless of how many gunmen, explosives, and threatening martial artists might be in between those two points. Hungarian actress Andrea Osvart will be the female lead, playing a former CIA agent and love interest for Frank.

Transporter has a 12-episode order, but there's still no official premiere date, and the show isn't even listed on the network's website yet. That's likely at least partially because the show had to halt production last year when star Vance was injured filming an action sequence. Meanwhile, Cinemax is premiering another original action series -- Hunted, created by former X-Filer Frank Spotnitz – this October.

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