The early 1990s produced several seminal comic book inspired series with DC returning the caped crusader to television with the much celebrated Batman: The Animated Series and Marvel's X-Men: The Animated Series also ranking as one of the most significant and satisfying superhero cartoons to hit the small-screen.

It's burned a nice spot in my pop cultural memory and the theme always brings a smile to my face. It may have been my cell phone ringtone once... Don't share that. But for those like minded individuals, you might get a kick out of this stop-motion recreation of the opening theme courtesy of Kyle Roberts...

Oh, nostalgia! Very well done. Both X-Men and Batman began airing on Saturday mornings in 1992 and ushered in several more adaptations from their company's respective comic book stables, most notably with Marvel bringing the equally awesome Spider-Man: The Animated Series to TV in '94 as well as DC's Superman:-you-guessed-it-The Animated Series bringing up the rear in '96 (which is good but still somehow can't compare to Max Fleischer’s Superman from 1941).

If you want to catch these shows, since I obviously still watch them regularly, you can find the Marvels streaming on Netflix and Batman on

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