It’s no surprise Clay Aiken might find his experience on Celebrity Apprentice more difficult than American Idol. On Idol you are only making decisions for yourself, you don’t have to rely on any teammates, and you are totally at the mercy of American voters. Celebrity Apprentice is more like a snake pit. You are part of the pit, part of the team, but after every challenge you have to go into a stifling boardroom and be prepared to fight for your on-air life. In that environment, it’s no wonder Aiken found his experiences on the upcoming season of Apprentice to be a little more intimidating than his Idol days.

In an interview with Today, Aiken spoke out about how much more respect he has for Trump than for Cowell.
“Being in front of Trump is more intimidating than (being in front of Cowell). That’s because you realize his success is real outside of TV. Whereas with Cowell, I don’t deny him his value – but singing is not his expertise.”

Honestly, as a viewer, both Cowell and Trump seem to have a little blowhard in them. However, at the end of the day, Cowell’s criticisms on Idol didn’t have a huge sway over who the audience voted for. On the Apprentice end of the spectrum, if a contestant doesn’t please Trump, it’s over. That’s why it’s so necessary to value the mogul’s criticism. If you think you’re too good to listen, you’ll end up complaining to yourself on your couch at home. Luckily, this hasn’t seemed to be a problem for Aiken, who compares his experiences with Trump to those with a respected high school teacher.
“I had a Spanish teacher in high school. I rarely got in trouble in her room because I felt I was disappointing her if I got a bad grade. That had more power over me than teachers who told me I talked too much. That level of respect I had for her made me not want to fail for her. I never had that feeling with Cowell -- but I had it with Trump.”

We won’t have much longer to wait to see how the singer-turned-businessman does on Celebrity Apprentice. The new season premieres February 12 at 9 p.m. ET. Clay Aiken’s got some stiff competition coming up. Check out TV Blend's full list of contestants before the new season begins.

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