James Franco hosted last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live and in case you’re curious as to how he came to the decision to play a guest role on General Hospital, you’re in luck because he answers that question in his opening monologue! We have that video, along with a bunch of other clips from the episode posted here for you to check out. I especially enjoyed the Jersey Shore segment on Weekend Update.

Lawrence Welk Cold Open [3:52]
Dooneese is back.

James Franco Monologue [3:34]
James chooses career ideas from random.

Vincent Price Christmas [5:28]
Katharine Hepburn, James Dean and a raccoon are guests in this Christmas special.

Christmas Tree Lot [4:09]
Each Christmas tree has a story.

What Up With That [6:44]
The show that isn't afraid to ask questions, welcomes Mike Tyson and Jack McBrayer.

What Up With That - Dress Rehearsal Version [7:09]
The dress version of What Up With That.
Direct Link: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/clips/what-up-with-that-dress-rehearsal-version/1187096/ Embed Code:

Update: Snookie [3:38]
Jersey Shore's Snookie stops by the Update desk.

Update - Fred & Kristen [3:33]
This musical holiday duo is totally prepared.

Mark Wahlberg Talks to Xmas Animals [1:43]
Mark chats up some furry holiday friends.

Muse: "Uprising" [4:57]
Muse performs "Uprising" from their album The Resistance.

Digital Short: Tizzle Wizzle Show [1:38]
Jammies, pills and knives!

Kissing Family [4:10]
The family that kisses together...

Fraternity [3:49]
These frat brothers sound out their letters.

Muse: "Starlight" [4:15]
Muse performs "Starlight" from their album Black Holes and Revelations.

Jerry, Carl, & Troy [2:41]
An important gift discussion is in progress.

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