Chuck returns to NBC on Fridays this fall, and when it does, it’ll come with a few surprises. Chuck will face off against the Joker, or at least a man who played the Joker. Today at the San Diego Comic Con Chuck’s Chris Fedak announced that this new season of the show will involve a few guest stars, and among them will be Mark Hamill as a villain.

You probably know Hamill best as Luke Skywalker but since Star Wars he’s quietly carved out a career for himself as one of the best voice actors working in animation. Before Heath Ledger tackled the character in The Dark Knight his portrayal of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series was widely regarded as the definitive take on the character. In other words, when it comes to playing a bad he’s really, really good.

Exactly what kind of bad guy he’ll play on Chuck remains to be seen, hopefully they’ll have the good sense to let him do some sort of weird, evil voice as part of his character. But as a former Chuck fan who’s sort of fallen out of love with the show in recent seasons, the thought of Hamill playing the bad guy is enough to get me interested in tuning back in again.

Look for Chuck on NBC Fridays at 8pm EST.

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