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While attending the world premiere of the newest iteration of Stargate, a direct to DVD movie called Stargate Continuum, I caught up with Richard Dean Anderson. In the midst of chatting about MacGyver’s future and shooting Stargate in the freezing arctic, we somehow ended up talking about Saturday Night Live’s recurring MacGyver parody “MacGruber”.

Of MacGruber, the good natured Mr. Anderson says, “I loved it! They asked me to do it, to come out there and do one of the episodes with them. Just the timing was impeccably bad. They asked me on a Wednesday and I had to be there on a Thursday. I’m a single dad, and I just can’t do things like I used to.”

Imagine the possibilities of a MacGruber/MacGyver double team! As always there’s very little worth watching on SNL these days, but MacGruber is killer funny. If SNL gets around to asking him again, Anderson sounds like he’s on board. When asked if he still wants to be MacGruber’s running buddy he said, “Yeah you bet! I got to do The Simpsons, I’d love to do Family Guy. Saturday Night would be another feather in my cap.”