My first full day at Comic Con entailed a lot of sitting and waiting in Ballroom 20. If you haven’t already checked out the detailed coverage of Game of Thrones from here in San Diego, you should put that on your immediate to do list. As for me, I’m getting ready to rest and return tomorrow morning for even more TV inundation.

Below is a video detailing most of the highlights from the room on Thursday. As you’ll see, there’s a lot going on in the big TV room. And this was just day one. We’ll soon get to Torchwood and True Blood. For fans waiting all day it can be a tiring process, but you can always turn to those around you for help. Everyone wants in, but there’s a special bond formed between those who actually made it into a seat. So if you need to leave your stuff to use the bathroom, or just stretch your legs, you’ll most likely find those nearby willing to hold your spot.

For now though, let’s recap day one in TV at Comic Con’s Ballroom 20.

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