Community's Inspector Spacetime Tag Reunites Two 90s TV Stars, Watch It Here

Spoiler alert: Read no further if you still haven't seen last night's episode of Community ("Conventions of Space and Time")!

Last night's episode of Community left off with the glimpse of the end result of Shirley and Pierce's adventures at the Inspector Spacetime convention. While Troy and Abed were enjoying the convention and, once again, having their friendship tested, and Annie and Jeff were pretending to people they weren't, Shirley and Pierce were hauled into a focus group to weigh in with their thoughts on the Inspector Spacetime remake, which - as one might expect - would be about as successful as an attempt to remake Doctor Who stateside. Torchwood's jump across the pond will hopefully be as close as that idea ever comes to fruition. But if an American Doctor Who does ever happen, Luke Perry and Jennie Garth should totally star in it.

That brings us to the end tag, which you can watch below. It gives us a look at the disastrous results of Pierce's input.

90s pop culture fanatics and those of us who never missed an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 likely recognized Dylan and Kelly (or Luke Perry and Jennie Garth), playing the leads in the U.S. Inspector Spacetime.

As a 90210 fan, I wholly approve of their appearance. It one-ups that Old Navy commercial, even with the absence of Jason Priestly. But, as a Community fan, I fully support Abed's quiet rage. Where's Thoraxis when you need him?

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