Community Preview: Watch The Trailer For A Fistful Of Paintballs

I love Community. I don’t think I can say that enough but this Thursday I love it even more because not only is Community revisiting the paintball escapades, but it’s also putting Josh Holloway back on my TV screen. Check out the promo for the episode ahead!

Should we expect at least one dig at Lost when Holloway makes his guest appearance? I think there’s a good chance of that as it wouldn’t be the first time the series took a playful shot at the ABC drama series. I’d rather not set any major expectations on what the show might do with the former Lost star making a guest appearance. I have full confidence in the writers abilities to make the most of Holloway, whether or not that includes a nod or two to Lost. With that said, if I were creating a Lost wish-list for this episode, I’d love it if Holloway’s character found a clever, flirty or insulting nickname for each or some of the characters, much like Sawyer would have if they were on the island with him.

Lost references aside, this week’s episode, which is the first part in the series two-part season finale, is sure to be a great one. Community’s “Modern Warfare” episode in Season 1 used the paintball theme to pay homage to action movies. Judging by the promo below, Westerns are the target this time around as a dreamy new rival attempts to claim the paintball glory from the Greendale crew.

Community airs Thursday at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

Kelly West
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