It seemed like a crazy idea when BBC America announced it was creating its first ever series for U. S. audiences. After all, the biggest selling point for the network is that it provides an access point for American audiences to view British television. However, anyone rooting against BBC America’s first American series, Copper, will now have to swallow their words. Today, the network renewed its new series for a second season.

To be fair, a success on BBC America isn’t exactly the same thing as a success on network television like CBS or even NBC. Copper brings in only over one million viewers every episode (and this is generally after repeated showings and Live+7 ratings). However, between the new show and Dr. Who airings, the network scored its best month ever in September. That’s pretty significant, and it means Copper is helping BBC America to move in a new direction. As such, the show has earned extra episodes for Season 2. Instead of ten episodes, fans will be able to catch 13 next season.

Copper follows an Irish cop creating his own sort of justice in New York City in 1864. The first episode introduces an area that should be familiar to Gangs of New York fans—the Five Points. Each week, Detective Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones) looks into violence and mysteries that often end in a shoot-out or all kinds of other hostile situations. The Civil War is always a big backdrop to what is going on onscreen as well, and the show looks into how life is being experienced by the people living in such a turbulent, uncertain period.

If you’d like to catch the series, Copper’s Season 1 finale will air Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on BBC America.

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