Earlier this week, we shared the unfortunate news that Lifetime was not renewing their drama series Drop Dead Diva for Season 5. At that time, it was reported that Sony might be shopping the drama around in the hopes of finding a new home for the show. Series creator Josh Berman has offered an update on the situation and while nothing sounds certain, he seems optimistic that all is not completely lost for the series.

According to EW, Berman has been in touch with Sony and Berman says "everything is in play"…
”We’ve all been getting calls, both on the creative side and on the business side, from other possible homes,” he says. He wouldn’t say who, but adds, “Everything is in play. There are players that I never even expected that are expressing interest in the show…. I’m not ruling anything out. I’m not even ruling out Lifetime and Sony reaching a new deal. Like, I’m open to anything that will save the show. My goal is to still have the show on the air this summer, no matter what.”

Berman is encouraging fans to join the show's Facebook page and continue to Tweet @ him to show their support for the series.

Shows get cancelled all the time, but it's a major disappointment when a series ends on a cliffhanger. (Spoilers if you aren't caught up on Drop Dead Diva!) The series left off with Jane kissing Grayson on her wedding day, and her fiancé witnessing it and promptly dropping dead in shock (weak heart) only to wake up moments later with real-Jane's spirit presumably inside of him. If not for the latter element, I think fans might have been somewhat content with the ending of Season 4 as a series closer. After all, seeing Deb-Jane's relationship with her once-fiance Grayson has been one of the major arcs in the show. But with the very unhappy actual-Jane stepping into the picture (in Jane's fiance's body) and posing what could be a major obstacle in Deb-Jane's life, some major closure is definitely needed.

While nothing seems set in stone for the show at this point, it sounds like Berman's hopes are high and fan support could help save this show. There's already an online petition here.
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