This year, the CW’s Tuesday night slot after Hart of Dixie has been a bit of a death slot. Emily Owens, M.D. was cancelled earlier this season, leaving room for a midseason entry to go into that timeslot. What landed in the slot was Cult, a brand new drama with similar overtones to The Following. The ratings haven’t really been working out thus far on the CW’s newest entry into the schedule and the network has already decided to shuffle the program to a different night.

The move is effective immediately. Next week, Cult will not air during its usual Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET timeslot on the CW and will instead be moved to next Friday, March 8. During the new night, Cult will also occupy the 9 p.m. ET. timeslot. In Cult’s place on Tuesdays, the CW will air encore episodes of some of this season’s shows. For instance, on March 5, the network will air a previously aired episode of Beauty and the Beast, which means the network is still trying to make that series happen, as well.

I thought Emily Owens, M.D. was a bad fit when it aired along with Hart of Dixie; however, at least both of those shows featured female leads and had the whole medical angle to sort-of connect them. Unfortunately, I found Cult to be an even worse companion piece to The CW’s charming southern drama and I’m not surprised the series has done so poorly for a multitude of reasons. Cult has failed to break the one million total viewer mark in the ratings each week. Maybe Friday nights will save the show, but I’m guessing the CW is just biding a little time before executives call it quits.

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