With Larry Hagman's recent passing, it's likely that fans of TNT's Dallas revival are wondering how J.R.'s departure would be dealt with on the drama when it returns for its second season next year. Not only was Hagman's character a part of the current series, but J.R. Ewing was an iconic character from the original series. So it wouldn't be unfair to expect that the show would plan something big to give the character and Hagman a proper sendoff.

From what TVLine reports, Hagman completed a number of episodes for Dallas' second season, which premieres next month. So it sounds like we'll get to see him in the role of J.R. again, after which the character will die. TVLine's source says J.R. will be laid to rest in the series' eighth episode, which is scheduled to air March 11. And from what's being reported, the plan is to bring back a few returning Dallas vets, which includes some people that have yet to appear on TNT's reboot of the series. No specific names were mentioned.

Hagman's character J.R. was not only a memorable character for the series, but he's also part of one of the most memorable things about the original drama and a very well known TV mystery reference. Even those of us who were too young (or weren't around) to appreciate the original series have likely heard of the "Who shot J.R.?" mystery, which was built up at a point during the series' original run, leaving viewers to wonder "Who Done It," which was the title of the episode that revealed the shooter. While TV shows continue to build up arcs such as these, few are likely to be as memorable as "Who Shot J.R.?"

I expect fans of the original series will tune in for Dallas when it returns January 28, if not to see what new drama is being cooked up on the series, than to celebrate Hagman's work and the departure of one of his most memorable roles.

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