Damon Lindelof Teaches Community The Real Meaning Of Christmas

Damon Lindelof has a very good sense of humor. Last week Community took a shot at Lost during the Christmas-themed stop-motion episode, which prompted the Lost co-creator to fire back (humorously) with a gift to the writers.

If you caught last week’s episode of Community, you may remember Abed receiving a gift, which turned out to be the first season of Lost on DVD. Abed explained that the gift represented “lack of payoff.” I’d say some Lost fans may have at the very least got the joke, if not agreed with it.

Not long after the episode aired, Damon Lindelof tweeted, “Okay, COMMUNITY. It's ON!!!! Now if only I had a show to zing you back. And if only you weren't awesome. Sigh...” Community creator Dan Harmon responded to the tweet with: “@DamonLindelof Oh, man, Did not want you guys to see that! Relieved you are a good sport. Thank you for the flattery. Owe you a drink.”

It’s great to see two (talented) show-runners exchanging banter and not taking things too seriously. As if to emphasize what a good sport he is (and what a good sense of humor he has), Lindelof apparently went as far as to send Harmon and the writers of Community a gift in the form of the full series on Blu-ray.

The real meaning of Christmas, indeed! I’m now craving a Lost-themed episode of Community (and thanks to Lindelof, the writers are now supplied with all the research material they need to make it happen!).

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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