With Lifetime moving into stronger female-driven programming like The Client List and upcoming pilots The Secret Lives of Women and The Witches of East Road, it’s hard to remember the network still has horrifying stuff like Dance Moms on air. If you can’t tear your eyes away from the loud and frequently overbearing dance headmistress Abby Lee Miller, you’ll be able to relive Season 2 episodes on January 8.

Dance Moms has been a busy little bee of a show since it started airing episodes in the summer of 2011. 25-episodes were produced during Season 2, but weirdly enough, there will be two separate releases for the episodes, known as Dance Moms Season 2: Volume 1 and Dance Moms Season 2: Volume 2. The sets seem to have taken a hint from History sets, including Pawn Stars, which also come in Volumes. I suppose this shouldn’t really be a surprise, since History and Lifetime both fly under the A&E Television Networks banner, but I really just don’t get it. Maybe people prefer a cheaper set over having a full season? Yeah, that’s probably it.

Despite coming in the same format as the Pawn Stars sets, Dance Moms actually won’t be nearly as bare as the History Channel sets and will come with a few bonus features. By a few, I mean one per disc. Volume 1 will come with an episode of the new—and terrifying—series, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and Volume 2 will roll with a special “Reunion Show” episode of the series. Both sets will be available for $24.98, but thank goodness for Amazon sales.

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