Dave Annable has been around the acting block since the early 2000s. However, his most iconic role probably come in 2006, when Annable was hired to play in ABC’s family drama, Brothers and Sisters as Justin Walker, the youngest child of the Walker family who suffered from on-and-off drug problems. Now Annable is set for a role on another ABC drama featuring some trouble, but this time of a very different kind.

Annable is set for 666 Park Avenue, a new project that will follow a young couple who take on the job of managing apartments in New York. The apartments are quite old, and the couple will soon find there is more to the building than meets the eye, as events that can only be described as supernatural begin to occur. According to TV Line, Annable is set to play one half of the couple heading into management at the apartments. I almost wish ABC would try to hire Anna Faris to play the female half of the couple. I so totally bought the two together even though they were not meant to end up together in the little-seen What’s Your Number.

TV Blend first wrote on the new ABC supernatural drama when Lost alum Terry O’Quinn signed on a few days ago as Gavin, the owner of the building. If 666 Park Avenue continues this trend of hiring on cast members from previous ABC endeavors, we should have a cast chock full of familiar faces. Not that I am complaining.

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