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David Krumholtz Will Manage Playboy Club In NBC Pilot

David Krumholtz is the best kind of TV actor. Likeable, talented but perhaps a little too nerdy and strange for lead roles in Hollywood, he could easily play weird brothers and intelligent best friends on the big screen but instead chooses cool television projects in which he can find a larger voice. His next silver screen role may not be as challenging as his character on Numbers, but it’s pretty appealing in other ways.

According to Deadline, Krumholtz has officially boarded NBC’s pilot Playboy. The Amber Heard vehicle has been getting great buzz lately, probably because Mad Men director Alan Taylor is helming the pilot, but this casting news should inch it even closer to a spot on the fall lineup.

Krumholtz will play the club’s general manager who puts the business end ahead of everything else. And why shouldn’t he? At the time, the Chicago Playboy Club was the most visited nightly hotspot in the world. It had members, exclusivity and an upperclass appeal that’s slowly eroded from the brand over the years.

If this takes off and ends up getting a few seasons, Krumholtz’s role should take on more importance as the Playboy Club starts falling off its 1963 peak. Even if it doesn’t work out, recreating the vintage nightclub will be a sight to see for as long as it lasts.

Mack Rawden

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