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Desperate Housewives Recap: Being Alive

In 5 seasons of Desperate Housewives, there’s always been one lady on Wisteria Lane who didn’t have all the drama, and romance of all the others. Good ole’ Mrs. McCluskey. She’s always been the rock that Lynette leaned on for babysitting – and Edie leaned on for motherly support. I guess it’s time for her to get some attention – and apparently she’s been getting something like that from her new boyfriend Roy.

She mentioned him last week, but this week, we got to meet him. It’s almost like your grandma bringing home a new boyfriend. And while I understand that a woman’s got needs, the very last thing I ever want to think about is my grandma gettin’ busy with some old codger. Yeah, It’s pretty much the same thing here…

Mrs. M decides it’s time tell Ol’ Roy how she’s feeling, and I guess with all the years she’s put in, she knows it’s best to just say it straight out with men. They don’t get subtleties. She says it, he shrugs, and when she presses him for more, he sort of starts to say something, then he finds poor Julie lying lifeless by the trash cans.

Everyone is basically freaking out – because things like this just don’t happen on Wisteria Lane. Where the hell have these people been? Things like this happen all of the time on this street! Every single week something insane is happening.

The good news is, Julie is not dead, but they aren’t sure why she isn’t waking up. At the hospital Susan & Mike finally get to speak to the doctor, but as they are taking he to get x-rays Lynette blurts out that Julie thinks she is pregnant. Oops! Susan is in shock, but she goes off to be with her daughter as the doctor checks her out.

As the neighborhood gathers at the hospital, Bree & Carl decide not to tell Susan – but Julie wakes up to them kissing. She falls back into the coma, and Bree is terrified that she will wake up and tell Susan about the kiss. In an effort to find out how Susan feels about the whole sleeping with the ex thing, she inquires about how Katherine and Susan are doing. Susan explains that they are no longer friends, and it’s because she should have known better than to sleep with Susan’s ex. I guess there’s her answer. Susan goes on to say sleeping with Carl would be even worse. Oops…

Speaking of Katherine, Kat tried to comfort Mike with a kiss, and it was not reciprocated… She later implies to Orson that Mike is trying to get back with her behind Susan’s back.

Lynette and Susan have a heart-to-heart, and Lynette admits that she is pregnant. She also admits that there is a voice in her mind that is telling her she shouldn’t have the babies. But in light of the situation with Julie & Susan, Lynette’s eyes are opened to the reality of the love she has for her kids, and how much she IS going to love these kids.

The new family in the town, the Bolens, get Gaby’s niece to lie to the police, but when Gaby gets wise to it, they fess up to the cops. Angie (that’s Drea’s character) is all about protecting her boy, so it doesn’t go well when the cops come and take him away. She doesn’t fight, but you can see the resolve inside her building up. She reminds Danny that the way a fish gets caught is by opening his mouth, and you know these people are no good. In spite of all of this – I think the husband is the guilty one.

As Danny is carted away by the cops, Bree is headed off to meet Carl, Lynette is telling her kids about the new additions on the way, and Mrs. McCluskey stands watching it all unfold.

Tune in to see where next week is going to take us…