Subscription cable numbers are often a little less impressive compared to other networks, thanks to the On Demand natures of many subscription cable viewers. A good sign that a subscription cable show is doing well is if the show is pulling decent numbers during an episode’s premiere on the network. Now, Showtime would like everyone to know that Sunday is a good night for the network, thank you much.

Sunday nights episodes of Homeland and Dexter did very well in the ratings, with the latter delivering a series high and a network high for an original series, and the former up in the ratings. According to EW, Sunday’s episode of Dexter pulled in 2.6 million total viewers, which literally is the best set of numbers a Showtime original series has received (take that Weeds). Counting the repeat airing on Sunday night, Dexter pulled in 3.1 million total viewers.

Homeland, too, was up on Sunday night, increasing it’s audience 9% to 2.4 million total viewers. In repeats, Homeland bumped that number up to 2.6 million total viewers. Of course, both Dexter and Homeland have their respective season finales next week, which will nip Showtime’s blooming ratings in the bud. The true testament will be whether both series can start out equally as strongly next TV season. I believe they can. Homeland has been increasing its buzz since it first aired, and Dexter will be in its final season, which should pull in good numbers and may bring back some viewers, like myself, who haven’t watched the last couple of seasons.

Showtime’s Dexter airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET and Homeland follows at 10 p.m. ET.

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