If you haven’t noticed what an exceptionally adorable baby Harrison is already, you probably will during this Sunday night’s episode of Dexter. Read on for some clips from the episode, along with a glimpse at the Dexter issue of TV Guide.

Before we get to the details from this week’s episode, here’s the Dexter cover-shot for TV Guide’s latest issue (in stores now!). For a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot, click here.

That picture’s doing nothing to quell my Michael C. Hall crush. Thank you very much, TV Guide.

Now’s where you’ll want to stop reading if you don’t want to know anything about Sunday night’s episode….

Babies tend to get in the way (or get left in the background) on a lot of TV shows. Even in Dexter, aside from a few random moments when he was crying last season, Harrison wasn’t exactly in the forefront of the series until the finale but now that Dexter’s a single-dad, it seems natural that the little guy will be featured a bit more. I'm actually not concerned about Harrison getting in the way on the show as I think he's one of the last remaining anchors Dexter has to normalcy (which is part of what makes Dexter interesting) and frankly, the kid's adorable, so there's that.

Below is Showtime’s description and further down are the clips. The first one reveals Dexter’s concerns over how Harrison will process what he witnessed in the bathroom when his mother was killed. The second one features Deb getting her grill on as she interviews a potential Nanny.

“Practically Perfect”
Written by Manny Coto
Directed by Ernest Dickerson
Dexter finds himself in a strange new world when he attempts to hire a nanny for Harrison so he can continue to stalk and kill his next victim. Meanwhile, Debra, who takes the lead on a bizarre double homicide, is displeased when Batista suggests bringing in an annoying rookie officer who has her own theories on the case. Things heat up for Dexter when Quinn notices strange similarities between Trinity Killer suspect ‘Kyle Butler’ and Dexter Morgan.

Dexter airs on Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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