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Dexter Returns To The Hunt In Early Cuts Web Series

We've still got over a month until Dexter returns to Showtime to face the fallout of last season's shocking cliffhanger. If you're looking for a little slice to keep you sated until everybody's favorite semi-benevolent serial killer returns, Showtime has begun posting weekly episodes of Dexter: Early Cuts, a short animated web series highlighting Dexter's earlier cases. With two episodes posted so far, we're in the midst of a story that finds Dexter hunting a New Year's Eve killer way back in 2000 -- a full six years before Dexter premiered on the cable network.

The bite-sized webisodes have Michael C. Hall delivering his usual dark-humored narration, and the visuals by comic artist David Mack are moody and nail Dexter's unnerving, dead-eyed smile. It isn't clear yet if Early Cuts will continue to cover a single case all the way through the show's premiere or if it will be a series of short stories. Either way, you can check out both episodes embedded below. A new episode will be posted online every week until the September 30th season premiere. You can check back for them on Showtime's YouTube page or official website.