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Dexter Season 6 Poster: Dexter The Avenging Angel

Showtime released the poster for Dexter Season 6 today. Sure, the words Dexter and angel aren’t likely to be used in the same sentence often, when referring to America’s favorite fictional serial killer, but this poster does a nice job of twisting the two concepts.

As you may have heard (vague spoiler alert), Season 6 of the Showtime drama series Dexter will delve into the subject of religion. Given that the lead character analyzes blood spatter for the Miami police by day, and moonlights as a serial killer by night, his take on God should certainly be an interesting one. There is a certain amount of smiting going on in Dexter’s lifestyle as he’s intent on targeting people who’ve committed one or more heinous acts. While he’s never actually killed in the name of God before, the “Avenging Angel” title does sort of fit, as does the blood spatter in the shape of wings...

You may also note that his hands are folded, as if in prayer, though he appears to be holding a knife. We’ve seen him plunge a blade into many a “victim” on his table.

Dexter returns Sunday, October 2nd at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.