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In a bit of extremely intriguing casting news, it appears Colin Hanks will be joining the cast of Dexter for the Showtime series’ sixth season. More on that as well as some speculation on the recently released Dexter teaser ahead!

Specifics on Hanks’ role in Season 6 are scarce but according to TV Line, he’s joining the show for “a major Season 6 arc.” The mental picture I have of Colin Hanks as a bad-guy is surprisingly creepy, which is why I’m hoping that’s the kind of role he’ll be playing.

In related news, Showtime released a teaser for Season 6 this weekend. The video below spends most of its time revisiting past seasons and more specifically, villains from previous seasons. Left off the list, for some reason, is Jordan Chase.

Is the screaming woman Deb? It sounds like it could be her. I’m wondering if that’s from an actual episode from Season 6, if it was just recorded for the teaser, or if it’s from a previous season and I’m just not remembering it.

As far as interesting lines go, “nothing can prepare you for what comes next,” sets the standards pretty high, considering how shocking the previous seasons have been. I’m also curious about the “hell breaks loose” text. How literally are we meant to take that? I doubt the series is going supernatural. Then again, that would certainly fall under the category of things nothing can prepare us for. But if the “hell” thing is a clue, perhaps the new season will have something to do with devil worshipping or something related to religion. Or perhaps the “break loose” thing is the clue and a number of extremely dangerous (worthy of Dexter’s list) criminals escape from prison and Dexter is the one racing to track them down and kill them before they can be apprehended again.

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