Dexter Season 7, Episode 6: Do The Wrong Thing Clips

Last night's Dexter had Deb digging herself deeper into her involvement with her brother's murders. And while she was running around trying to protect Dexter, Dexter was busy semi-flirting with Hannah, the sidekick to a now deceased serial killer who may have been a bit more involved with her boyfriend's crimes than she's admitted to. One of the clips we have to show you from next week's episode has Dexter scoping out Hannah.

Spoilers if you're not caught up on last night's episode of Dexter!

Based on the conversations Dexter's had with her, it seems Hannah's not as innocent as she professed, and by the way she's been sniffing around Dexter, she may have a thing for bad boys. And not just the kind who stir up trouble. She likes the killers, which would make Dexter her type. In the clip below, from next Sunday's "Do the Wrong Thing, "Dexter is sitting by himself, with Harry, pondering over Hannah's true nature and whether or not her husband's death at forty was really due to natural causes…

The fact that Harry's putting some doubt into Dexter's mind suggests that maybe Dexter's suspicions of Hannah are more wishful thinking than he's ready to admit. His talk about needing proof and being due for a kill suggests that he's trying to see if she fits his list so he can justify getting her onto his table, but the attraction between the two of them seems obvious and the set-up for this has a different tone than what we usually see when Dexter is on the prowl. This doesn't feel like kill-suspense. It feels like the start of an explosive romance.

And though I did speculate that Hannah might have had post-Wayne blood on her hands, I'm starting to wonder if maybe she fancies herself a sort of killer muse. Perhaps her interest in Dexter isn't a shared lust for blood, but the desire to be to him what she was to Wayne. Just some random speculation, since she hasn't actually confessed her true motivations yet.

Meanwhile the other clip for "Do The Wrong Thing" has Quinn and Nadia talking about the money Quinn was given.

"What good is money if you're dead," Nadia asks. Good question! Can Quinn just give the money back? I have no idea what the rules and etiquette are for dirty cops and bribes, but if he wants to consider himself a "good cop" he can't take cash from criminals. That seems like an obvious rule.

Dexter airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime. Read our breakdown of last night's "Swim Deep" episode here.

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