In less than a week, another season of Dexter will wrap up. And unlike previous seasons that have focused on a central villain to be dealt with, this season has returned its focus to the central character, whose fate now hangs in the balance. Will Season 7 end with Dexter caught or on the run? Or will he maintain his cover and continue living the double life that has served him and his dark passenger well for years.

Earlier, we shared the promo for "Surprise Motherfucker," which hinted that Dexter might be considering taking off. Given his serial killing "hobby," the option to pack up and run has always been lingering. In fact, didn't the season premiere include Dexter kicking a hole in the wall and revealing an emergency escape kit? Of course, then he was using it as a way to pursue Viktor, but the fact that he had a bag with cash and a passport buried in his wall suggests he's been prepared to run. But by this clip, he doesn't seem keen on the idea of taking off.

Maybe running was an option at one time, but now he's rooted. Is he in denial? Or does he have another plan? I seriously hope that plan doesn't involve killing LaGuerta. I don't love LaGuerta, but just as Doakes didn't deserve to die, neither does she.

Another moment glimpsed in the promo was Hannah talking to Deb, revealing that she knew Deb knows what Dexter is. See some more of that conversation in this clip…

So, Hannah's not planning to rat Dexter out, but she did give Deb something to think about. Will Deb question whether she should continue supporting her brother? The promo does show LaGuerta telling Deb she's sure Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Between Hannah's comments and whatever pressure LaGuerta might be applying on Deb, will Deb finally crack? Turning her brother in will implicate herself in her recent involvement in his misdeeds, but maybe she'll decide she can't handle the pressure or the guilt anymore.

Watch the promo for the Season 7 finale of Dexter here and catch the season finale when it airs next Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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