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Considering how things left off in Dexter's sixth season, it's unsurprising that Showtime would focus heavily on the immediate aftermath of that major cliffhanger with their promotions for Season 7. And that's about as vague as I can get, so if you haven't gotten caught up on Season 6, read no further! If you are caught up on the series, check out the new poster for the upcoming Season 7!

When Season 6 left off, Deb had just witness Dexter killing Travis. This poster focuses on that big revelation, with the words "He saw. She saw." (Um, see-saw?).

It's disconcerting to say the least that we're looking at Dexter with a slice in his cheek. That's the signature wound he gives his victims before he kills them, when he takes a droplet of their blood. What does it mean here? That he's the one on the table? He's his own victim? It's curious, though something tells me it's not good.

A lot of what we've glimpsed from Season 7 focuses on Deb's reaction to seeing Dexter's dark passenger in the flesh. That includes the sneak peek revealed at Comic-Con, which showed us the beginning of Season 7 (and the moments immediately following Deb witnessing Dexter kill Travis).

Dexter Season 7 premieres September 30 on Showtime.

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