Showtime seems to be determined to keep us hungry for the return of Dexter, as they continue to share teasers for the upcoming eighth and final season. That includes the one above, which offers very little in the way of specifics on Season 8, but does a beautiful job of emphasizing the conclusion of the series and Dexter's "symphony." Is it too much to hope that something truly magnificent is in store for those of us who have stuck with this series for seven seasons.

"The Final Symphony" preview takes a look back at some of Dexter's darker moments and reminds us that he is, in fact, a killer. And one who loves what he does and doesn't feel much remorse for it. Of course, we've seen his "work" as a serial killer get more and more tangled with his personal life with each season. Never was that more evident than the end of last season, when Dexter was face to face with his sister Deb in that trailer with LaGuerta. The ordeal, which (spoiler alert if you aren't caught up!) ended with Deb choosing her brother over her duty as a cop by shooting LaGuerta instead of helping her, was glimpsed at the end of the teaser.

The recently released clip and teaser both indicate that the fallout from Deb's decision and LaGuerta's death is going to be substantial and might even factor heavily into the final season. That remains to be seen. In the meantime, we still have a couple of months to wait for Dexter to return. The series's final season and Dexter's "final symphony" get started June 30 on Showtime.

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