A five-episode British series that aired on ITV1 last summer is being adapted for American television by Law & Order creator Dick Wolf. Injustice will be a new foray into the legal drama genre for Wolf, who is tackling the British project to make it work for an NBC audience.

The original British run was a short five episodes that appeared in 2011. Along with Dick Wolf, Friday Night Lights writer David Hudgins is on board to executive produce as well as to write the script for the new American adaptation. Injustice centers on an attorney whose job in criminal defense leaves him with an internal struggle regarding his position representing the darker side of society. Meanwhile, his sinister and disturbing past, along with his family situation add to his emotional turmoil. The lead role in the British production was played by James Purefoy, who has appeared since in Episodes and Revenge.

Wolf’s company, Wolf Films, already the new firefighter drama Chicago Fire lined up to air on NBC. In addition to his work with Injustice, Hudgins has served as a co-executive producer for NBC in the past, working on shows like Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. According to Deadline, Hudgins landed Injustice after signing a deal with Uni TV.

Internal struggle is good for drama, but hard to maintain in the long term, so supporting characters are important to this kind of project. I haven’t seen the British original to judge what future the story could hold for a long-term series, but the people surrounding the main character will be vital to making this project a success. And of course, bringing a British format over the U.S. is always a bit tricky, although there’s certainly a precedent for success.

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