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Did Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Just Save Itself From Cancellation?

When it comes to ratings, The CW isn’t a network that generally brings in as many people as the other broadcast networks; but it’s not as expected, either, so the shows aren’t under the same amount of pressure. Take Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a comedy right on top of the cancellation bubble, barely bringing in 1 million people during any of its Season 1 episodes. That is, it was there until tonight happened and co-creator and lead actress Rachel Bloom took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy. That will certainly convince The CW to keep it on the air, right?

Bloom, who made waves for herself through viral videos, is a driving force of the comedy behind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, from its wonderfully female-centric core narrative to the ever-genius songs and musical segments. (It was one of my favorite shows this year.) But the show's widespread critical acclaim and clip-shareability didn't always equal huge audiences, and the pessimist in many of us worried that The CW might decide to judge Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's fate solely by those numbers. Now that the show has picked up its first major award, though, Bloom and her beyond-perfect acceptance speech hopefully inspired a good number of people to plan on tuning in when it returns.

There's no telling just what CW execs have in mind as far as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend goes, but Rachel Bloom took out such comedy vets as the award-friendly Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Grace & Frankie's Lily Tomlin. Not to mention Jamie Lee Curtis in her first major TV role in decades for Scream Queens. Those actresses have been in the business longer than Bloom has been alive, so her winning (and earning it) should definitely build enough confidence in network execs to give the show more time to build its fanbase.

And then maybe this wasn't so big of a surprise to anyone, as far as wild Golden Globes wins go. After all, last year saw Gina Rodriguez take the Best Actress award for her stellar work on The CW's Jane the Virgin for that show's freshman season. It appears the Hollywood Foreign Press is totally down with getting their laughs from CW shows, and that's just fine by us. Now join me in watching Bloom's acceptance speech again while writing your congressman to keep Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the air until the end of time.

Don’t forget to tune into Crazy Ex-Girlfriend when it returns on Monday, January 25, on The CW. To find out when everything else is returning to your TV over the next few months, check out our midseason TV schedule. And to see up to date results on all the other TV Golden Globe winners, check out our list of winners.

Nick Venable

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