Discovery's Mythbusters Accidentally Fires A Cannonball Through Someone's House

You have to figure that with a show like Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, something’s bound to go wrong every once in a while as they attempt to prove or disprove myths. This week, something definitely went wrong and the result was a giant hole and some other damage done to a neighborhood near where an experiment for the series was taking place.

TMZ posted the story, which includes the news video below. Apparently, Mythbusters was doing an experiment having to do with firing things from a cannon. This included firing an actual cannonball, which was supposed to hit what looked like a bunch of garbage cans filled with water. The canon ball missed the target though and ended up firing through a California neighborhood, ripping its way through a house in the process and landing on or in a minivan. The video below maps the path of the cannonball and shows the damage that was done to the houses in its path.

Fortunately (or miraculously when you really think about it) no one was hurt. TMZ states that Discovery has put the show on hold pending a full investigation.

Kelly West
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