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Disney's TV Movie Sofia The First Does Well In The Ratings

The Disney Channel killed it last night in various child demographic ratings. The animated television movie, Sofia The First: Once Upon a Princess, premiered to 5.2 million total viewers. Over a million little girls in the 2-5 demographic tuned in and over 3 million kids in the 2-11 demographic tuned in. Of course, there’s a little bit of crossover in those two categories, but the numbers are still pretty impressive.

Sofia the First follows a young girl named Sofia (Ariel Winter) who is discovering all of the do’s and don’ts of becoming a princess. Luckily, a lot of the other, more famous, Disney princesses make an appearance in the movie and teach the young girl that becoming a princess is not all sparkles and tutus. It takes hard work, and a princess must mean it. The television movie also stars Sara Ramirez, Wayne Brady, and Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn, the latter of whom I am certain could give Sofia more than her fair share of advice when it comes to walking, talking, and dressing like a princess.

According to THR, the series will re-air on the Disney Channel daily on Tuesday through Sunday, which is a genius move for a TV movie that is set to lead into an animated TV series in the coming weeks. So, if your kids liked Sofia the First expect it to be on your television a whole lot more once January rolls around. I didn’t catch the TV movie, but hopefully seeing Sofia onscreen again is more of a positive than a negative for all the moms and dads who caught--or were forced through--last night’s TV movie.

TV Blend will keep you posted when Sofia the First gets an official series premiere date.

Jessica Rawden

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