Do You Hate Joffrey Or Ramsay More On Game Of Thrones?

King Joffrey Baratheon, may he spend his afterlife roaming beyond The Wall, is probably the most infuriating television character I’ve ever watched. He is like every spoiled, idiotically self-assured rich little middle school prick I’ve ever met, all rolled into one all-powerful, ever-sucking pile of skinny blonde hair. I hated his guts while he was on the show, and I’ll continue to hate him long after Game Of Thrones is over.

Ramsay Bolton, may he eventually run afoul of those bloodthirsty dogs, is probably the most evil television character I’ve ever watched. He tortures. He rapes. He cuts off dicks. Now, he apparently murders his own family members. With an s. Members. It’s all next level sociopathic shit, and unlike King Joffrey, who went out in a blaze of purple creepiness, he’s very much alive and kicking.

So, the question is: who do you actually hate more? It probably all comes down to what hate really means to you.


Joffrey might be the most punchable human being who has ever existed. From his smug face to his sickly-looking physique to the way he expresses rage, he’s such a clueless try-hard. He’s basically the little kid who would tattle on everyone else, except instead of eventually getting his shit rocked on the playground on the HBO series, he somehow won the genetic lottery and lucked his way into unlimited power. It pisses me off just thinking about it, but in his defense, with a more normal upbringing and some real parenting, he could have turned into a more run-of-the-mill douchebag. As much as he sucks, he was failed by those around him.

Ramsay, on the other hand, is a straight-up sociopath. He doesn’t emotionally react when he feels threatened, weak or impotent like Joffrey. He’s cold-blooded without any sense of remorse. That he was born into an incredibly powerful family makes his evil desires a little easier to accomplish, but rich or poor, black or white, no matter the circumstances, he would have ended up a menace to his time and place. He would have found a way to ruin lives for sport. He doesn’t enjoy anything else, which is some psychotic shit. But in his defense, at least he takes ownership over his own life. At least he makes moves and asserts control. He’s not a pawn being manipulated by those around him. He’s plotting and scheming to carve out of his own place. He’s just a little more upfront than the other characters about how much he enjoys it, and he doesn’t have any inconvenient moral hangups that might get in the way.

So, who do you got? Which Game Of Thrones character do you hate the most? Vote in the poll below…

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