Read no further if you haven't seen Downton Abbey's latest episode (Season 3, Episode 5). This article contains a major spoiler from the episode! Moving on, in addition to a preview of Episode 6, PBS has also released a video that has some of the Downton Abbey cast discussing last night's episode, and Sybil's story.

That's about as vague as I can be! Here's your final spoiler warning, for those who haven't seen Episode 5 (or Episode 4 as PBS has it listed) yet.

I somehow managed to avoid the spoiler that Sybil would die due to complications after childbirth, so I was not only shocked but also heartbroken to see her (rather disturbing) death play out. I kept thinking maybe there was a chance she'd come through, but that was not to be the case. Just as Lavinia seemed to be through the worst of the flu last season and then succumbed to it, it seemed like Sybil was going to make it through the complications, until she didn't. Though her death likely will have more devastating consequences to the Crawley household, given how beloved she was by her sisters, her parents, the staff and her husband.

The video below features some of the actors, including Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter and Rob James-Collier talking about the episode and of Sybil's death.

Watching Sybil's death left me with my jaw dropped, but I think it was Thomas' reaction to it that caused the tears to start flowing. Seeing his breakdown was one of the more surprising and particularly heartbreaking reactions to the whole ordeal, as was the sound of Sybil's baby crying.

As for what's ahead, everyone is still dressed in black in this scene from Episode 5. But grief isn't the only matter at hand.

With Sybil gone, Branson may have new challenges ahead, like getting along with his in-laws and making choices for his daughter. Sybil seemed hesitant but willing to baptize her child Catholic, since it was what Branson wanted, but will her family be as willing to go along with that plan now that Sybil's gone? There's a hint of that story in the preview for the episode.

Is Bates going to get himself into more trouble? And it looks like the distance between Robert and Cora is growing. Not a good sign, but hopefully they'll overcome it.

Downton Abbey airs Sunday nights on PBS.

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