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Anticipation is running high for ABC’s V pilot, which is a reimagining of the popular TV miniseries but will casting for the show affect another one of ABC’s shows? Word is, Elizabeth Mitchell has been cast for the pilot. Mitchell currently plays Juliet on ABC’s Lost. Does this mean we should be counting down until Juliet gets eaten by the smoke-monster or perhaps dying in a bitter brawl between herself and her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend?

According to Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello,, Mitchell’s role in V is just a guest starring part, which hopefully means it won’t interfere with her job on Lost. Currently, Mitchell’s character Juliet is caught up in the beginnings of a love-quadrangle with Jack, Kate and Sawyer. As much as I preferred Kate with Sawyer, I’m actually enjoying the Juliet/LaFleur-James-Sawyer relationship and would hate to see it end with Juliet dying. But the mortality rate isn’t exactly high on Lost so this V news really could be an indication that Juliet’s days on the island are numbered.