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Elizabeth Mitchell's body of work thus far has put her all over the map as far as genres go, but more recently, it's likely that people would associate her best for the work she's done in sci-fi, having played key roles in ABC's Lost, and more recently, the short-lived V. It looks like she'll be sticking to the genre, as it's been reported that she's joining NBC's promising-looking scifi-drama series Revolution.

Revolution takes place after all energy on earth ceases to exist and society has to move forward without electricity. The series already has a lot going for it, with J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke behind it and an exciting-sounding premise to work with. It also has a cast that includes Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito. And now according to TV Guide, Elizabeth Mitchell is joining the series, taking over the role originally played by Andrea Roth in the pilot. Back in May, Deadline reported that Roth's role as the mother of the two lead characters in the series was being reworked, which led to the former Rescue Me star's exit from the series.

TV Guide says Mitchell's Revolution character Rachel will appear on the series in flashbacks, which is a shift from how they had the character set up in the pilot, when Roth was playing the role. Roth's version of Rachel appeared in the present day. But I have to figure that this isn't the only change being made, otherwise why the recast, right? Based on what we've seen of Roth and Mitchell in past roles, I would speculate that the nature of the character might also have changed. While both actors have proven the ability to play strong, capable women, Roth's roles in Rescue Me and more recently Ringer had her playing someone with a bit of a tough, sneaky streak in her. Whereas Mitchell seems like she might be a better fit for someone with softer, more maternal side, assuming that's what they're going for. Regardless, Mitchell's addition is great casting news, and a new reason to look forward to Revolution.

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